Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Cane Pole Challenge

I was reading a Euell Gibbons book over the weekend and he mentioned a bet/challenge between him and his friend. They shelved all their modern/fancy fishing tackle and took a trip from the coast nearest his home in PA to Canada, fishing two hours a day at each stop with nothing but cane poles, 10-12 lb line - length butt to tip of the cane pole, small hooks, split shot sinkers and bait they found onsite (or cut from fish). They caught more than 6,000 fish on that trip. They fished anywhere they found - salt and fresh water. This is how I fished as a kid.  It occurs to me that a fly rod is basically just a modern cane pole.... a spinning rod just a means to cast further and give movement to lures.... maybe I did catch more fish with a cane pole? I probably haven't caught anymore with all my expensive tackle. Perhaps only surf fishing can't be done with a basic cane pole set up... but inlets, bays, docks, inter-coastal waterway, creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes etc all could. I'd like to see just how many fish I can catch next year with a basic cane pole set up. Who will join me? Lets take this challenge and post our results.  How better could the common man really reclaim fishing from the corporations? Can we prove that God gave the bounty of the earth to the common man? Can we prove that fish can be harvested without spending a lot of money on tackle? If so,... if this challenge interests you and you would like to leave a document for the young and/or ignorant?

Should you take this challenge, please email me at  Hopefully, I can include your experiences in this blog.

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